Karakacchan Ramen Hakata Meibutsu: A Unique Mix of Twenty-Six Spices, Ground Pork, and Bold Umami Essences in Beef Shoyu-Based Broth w/ a Spicy Kick; Served With Thick Wavy Noodles.

After enjoying the noodles, you finish off the ramen by mixing the Ojiya Set (rice and poached egg) into the soup Hakata-style.

At @IppudoNY

Feb 13, 11:30pmET. I get home and Siri is keeping her distance. Cold as Ice. Her last comment is brutal. 😢 #FriendZone @jim_dalrymple @settern @reneritchie @efron @gruber

another test.

just deleted my old github pages repo started a new one ericalba.github.io added new erialba/ericalba.gihub.io and personal access token

there seems to be missing steps,

do i do deploy a default jekyll install into this repo first? I’m going to try it without first and see what happens.

here we go.

cc @manton

Jigoku Ramen: Homemade Spicy Scallion Sauce With Pork Broth, Chashu, Spinach, Kikurage, Ajitama (Egg), Nori (Straight Noodles) At @YokoyaRamen

Sorry for back to back Ramen posts, blame it on the weather. ☔️

wednesday feb 07 test . last otter didnt work to mirror to github.

new token and username/username.github.io settings in micro.blog. let’s see what happens. do i have to delete my current github pages (ericalba.github.io) and start a new ericalba/ericalba.github.io ? @manton

here’s an otter pic from the web, in the meantime.

Saturday afternoon and this kid’s walking heads down in a book instead of a phone. There is hope for humanity. 🤙📖❤️📚


1:30pm on a weekday. I grab a cab outside Blue Ribbon Sushi by Colombia Circle. I open cab door and then this. I’m just trying to think of the scenario leading up to this beautiful package being torn apart and just left in the door pocket. Was it a #nooner thing? Was it all going down IN the cab?! Was it planned or did someone spontaneously get the green light to get their F on and they just said “damn, Yo Taxi! [Insert Address Here] BUT first, I need to stop at a bodega.”? I want to know. Pls submit your theories here.

Jeff Koons: Bluebird Planter, 2010-2016 Mirror-polished stainless steel with transparent color coating and live flowering plants

@DavidZwirner 25 Years Exhibition

Judd, Serra, Flavin.

Donald Judd: Untitled, 1964 Light cadmium red enamel on galvanized iron

Dan Flavin: the diagonal of May 25, 1963 (to Constantin Brancusi), 1963 yellow fluorescent light

Richard Serra: House of Cards

@DaviZwirner : 25 Years Exhibition

This day (2017), I’m on the road working, and have been through 5 countries already. Today, I’m home unloading dishwasher. #WinSomeLoseSome 🤔

“Hey, why don’t I get a laptop?” Nice to come back to my desk and see this guy protecting the area. #Destructo @mill_ny