#Impatient 1:30pm on a weekday. I grab a cab outside Blue Ribbon Sushi by Colombia Circle. I open cab door and then this. I’m just trying to think of the scenario leading up to this beautiful package being torn apart and just left in the door pocket. Was it a #nooner thing? Was it all going down IN the cab?! Was it planned or did someone spontaneously get the green light to get their F on and they just said “damn, Yo Taxi! [Insert Address Here] BUT first, I need to stop at a bodega.”? I want to know. Pls submit your theories here.

Jeff Koons: Bluebird Planter, 2010-2016 Mirror-polished stainless steel with transparent color coating and live flowering plants

@DavidZwirner 25 Years Exhibition

Judd, Serra, Flavin.

Donald Judd: Untitled, 1964 Light cadmium red enamel on galvanized iron

Dan Flavin: the diagonal of May 25, 1963 (to Constantin Brancusi), 1963 yellow fluorescent light

Richard Serra: House of Cards

@DaviZwirner : 25 Years Exhibition

This day (2017), I’m on the road working, and have been through 5 countries already. Today, I’m home unloading dishwasher. #WinSomeLoseSome 🤔

“Hey, why don’t I get a laptop?” Nice to come back to my desk and see this guy protecting the area. #Destructo @mill_ny

Hello. Testing image upload from iOS app. Ah. So i guess they upload square crop? The filter options are nice.

#2017bestnine , 17,561 Likes to 255 posts. I’m glad to see my two loves made the list; my nephew Wally and Ramen. Swipe to see Wally dancing, then not dancing (thanks @tracyherold ) . ps I also love lasers 💥 Thank y’all for the likes. Have a Happy New Year! 🎉

Day 01 v. Day 18,263

Some people say I’ve had many lives. 🤔 maybe. - Grew up in New Jersey/Southern California. Catholic school in there somewhere. - Worked @ Disneyland in High School, every kind of job, stayed on 4 more years. Plus 2 more jobs to pay bills. - Had crisis, quit all jobs. Swore I wouldn’t take another job until “It was the job I would have for the rest of my life.” (I was an idiot) - Became homeless, surfed couches. lived in car, car repossessed. Then lived in storage facility near In-N-Out & AM/PM. Everyday ate AM/PM, good days ate In-N-Out. Really good days, friends buy me food. - While homeless, became Ticket Scalper for sports & shows. Everyday I‘m hustlin. - Friend got me job for night shift videotape operator. Things got better. I learn editing on side. - Another friend, comvinces me to take class in Visual Effects at facility doing effects for TV show Star Trek: The Next Generation. I learned, met all artists working on show. This was also great. I knew what i wanted to do with my life. - Another good friend gets me interview for internship in Post & VFX. I meet producer, am offered full-time, Un-Paid internship. I took it & did that & real job simultaneously. Brutal but work was understanding, adjusts my schedule to do both. - I do internship for months, was hired in VFX Dept for next season of Star Trek: TNG & DS9.

I didn’t goto college. Disneyland was my college. I didn’t goto Film School, Star Trek was my Film School. Most of what I learned about filmmaking was from hundreds of crew, generous to teach me. I will never forget that experience. - Friend working on another TV show offered me VFX Supervisor job on TV show in Vancouver. I took it. After that, I continued to work as Supervisor/Producer on too many projects for over 20 years. Now in NYC where I still work in bleeding edge technology.

I would definitely not be where I am if not for my friends & their trust in me. Every opportunity was from a friend. Show your appreciation when you can.

But life isn’t all work. To quote Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” Live your life. 💯🙏❤️🙌

Day before @dayfornightfest launch. @ross.mccampbell & @james_zanoni do last minute tweaks on all their great festival animations. @kindakash and I giving unsolicited feedback, while Ross & James tell us to F ourselves. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Better image of “Telestron“ . Thanks to @VTProDesign for giving @kindakash and I a preview before launch at @DayForNightFest . I stood in line to see this 6 Times during the fest. And I hate lines. I showed a video of your piece to a child and he has some questions:

  1. What are the robots’ names?
  2. Are they friends? (if “No”, he says they should be friends) and
  3. Are they talking to each other? I hope you got some answers. 😉