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‪Will you cry when you watch Toy Story 4?‬ Asking for a friend.

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Flashbackfriday 7 years ago today. Full scale prototyping of the project that pivoted me down a new path. Nike Camp Victory couldn’t have been done without many talented teams & individuals who all knew way more than me and were patient enough to teach me. Thanks to @officialhushstudios @davidhschwarz @ekarasyk @wassupjodi @ryanmcgrath___ for trusting me with a great project. @stirfrybokchoy and @indigostarchi for being the linchpin’s in managing all the moving parts. 🖤🙏 to @stitzstudio @avcnyc @redpaperhearts @ivansafrin @therealsalih @andresalyer @sharkbox @jefftimesten @dscheibel @wilsonbrown @wsguerin and everyone else I forgot here. Apologies for sappy nostalgia feels. It was a monster but y’all made it not scary and because of that, this is all I wanna do now, and hopefully with some or all of you again. 🙌

Hi Brooklyn, it’s good to be home.

May the FOMO Be With You, always. My best friend previewed Disneyland’s / Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge yesterday. He’s not my best friend right now because he didn’t bring me. You should still read his recap.…


Transparent touch screens + robot = 🙌 Nice work from @brdgstudios 🙏 @hottmessjess for peek

“Conduit No 4” by @lowresny at 325 Canal St. @wallplaynetwork #oncanal