Classic Chasu-Men: Fukuoka (Kyushu Hakata)-Style Tonkotsu Pork Bone Broth With Thin Noodles, Six Slices of Pork Chasu, Scallions a Ball of Karadare (Umami Spicy Sauce). At Ramen Danbo’s (@ramendanbo_usa ) new Brooklyn location. This ramen is soooo good, taking the best parts of Ichiran or Ippudo. You can customize; 1) Noodle thickness 2) Noodle firmness 3) Broth thickness 4) Broth richness (lard) and 5) how much Karadare (Umami spice). They even offer ½ or full order of Kaedama (extra noodles) of you run out before you finish your broth. If you like Ramen, go! Also, if you look at this photo upside down, it looks like an emoji. 😏

Eric Alba @ericalba